March 9 2023

“Ubanese is not a kidnapper, we’re sorry,” Nsugbe begs Alphonsus Igbeke

Elders of Nsugbe community in Oyi local government area in Anambra State have made shocking revelation regarding the identities of the real kidnappers, apologized to senator Alphonsus Igbeke (Ubanese) who was accused of the crime 20 years ago.

Ubanese has trended on social media posts where he was accused of the disappearances eight youths.

But reacting, Sir Augustine Mgbataogu, a 78-year-old man who was the President General at the time of the incident said Ubanese is innocent.

In 2002 some eight persons were caught in Nsugbe for stealing and kidnapping. According to Mgbataogu the suspects were handed over to the police.

“I was called upon when this thing happened. They brought them to the village square led by one Obi Gika Anaekwe; unfortunately he is late now. I wish he is still alive to testify to what I am saying.

“So Gika Anaekwe led Nsugbe people to these children. Unanimously Nsugbe said that they would have no hand in it; that they should hand them over to the police.

“These children were handed over to the police. This happened about 20 years ago. The police were there. These children were grown ups, not kids.

“Their parents existed. It should be their duty to have asked after their children not mine. Did I ask them to go about stealing; shooting people?” Mgbataogu said.

When contacted Senator Igbeke dismissed his accusers mere political enemies who obviously thought he was interested in political position.

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