10 most famous tribes/ethnics in Africa

10 most famous tribes/ethnics in Africa

Africa is a great continent; it has wonderful cultural heritage. Over the years, a lot of figures have from diverse cultures and origins have emerged out unto the larger world to announce Africa. Below are 10 African tribes that are known globally.Zulu in South Africa.

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Zulu in South Africa

The Zulu tribe is popular outside Africa. They have been featured in music, documentaries and movies. Shaka the Zulu was a warrior king whose popularity is well spread. There are famous figures like Lucky Dube, Nasty C, Black Coffee, others.

Yoruba in Nigeria

The Yorubas are globally known for their history, culture, art and literature. Fela, Wole Soyinka, Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, David Oyelowo, John Boyega, Anthony Joshua etc are a few Yoruba’s who have taken their culture to the world. The Yoruba culture has been featured in many Hollywood movies and the Yoruba language is one of their official language in Brazil.

Igbo in Nigeria

The Igbos are undeniably known world wide. Chinua Achebe wrote about the Igbo culture a lot. They are known for their history, culture and literature. They popularized kolanut and palm wine through books, movies and music. Osita Osadebe, Pete Edochie, Chimamanda Asichie, Chinwetalu Agu, Zain Asher, Ckay, Flavour, phyno and PSquare are Igbos who have taken their culture to the world. Igbo are known in Nollywood movies.

Masai in Kenya

The Masai are perhaps one of the most documented tribes in Africa. A lo of documentaries shown are about them and countless books written about their culture. They are known for their traditional clothing and hunting skills.

Hausa in Nigeria

The hausas are very popular people. Often known as the Igbos of the North, the richest black man alive, Aliko Dangote, is Hausa man. His brother from the same state, Kano, Abdulsamad Rabiu (BUA), is another Hausa personality of global recognition. Their culture has also been well written about and has featured in a few Hollywood movies including the Amazon prime series were a woman was seen eating Tuwo shinkafa.

Swahili in Kenya

This tribe have phenomenally spread their language in East Africa and in few central African nations. In the 70s, their language was part of the African-American black pride movement being pushed forward.

Edo/Bini in Nigeria

The Binis are perhaps the culture in Africa with the most famous artworks outside Egypt. Binis are known for their history, culture and art/architecture. The famous Benin bronze, ivory and brass artworks are known globally. The country, Benin republic, gets its name from Bini. Benin art and culture have been featured in Hollywood movies including Black Panther. Many Nigerian cultures have roots in Benin. The bronze mask of Queen Idia is perhaps the most famous mask in Africa and one of the most famous in the world. Popular Edos are Kamaru Usman, Rema, Jude Ighalo, Victor Osimhen, Dave, Sam Loco Efe.

Asante in Ghana

This tribe are known for their history and culture. Popular American hip hop artist was named after this tribe Asante. Their Kente is perhaps the most popular African attire outside of Africa and were known to be masters of the gold craft.

The Fulani

The people of this nomadic tribe are known for their history and culture. They are predominant in West Africa but they are also found in 18 other African countries. Popular Fulanis or people with Fulani ancestry are Muhammadu and Aisha Buhari, Tafawa Balewa, Anthony Anderson, India Arie, Peter John Gomes and others.


They are predominantly found in North Africa. They are predominant in Morocco and Algeria. Berbers/Amazigh is famous for its use of silver. Their culture and history are well documented. They have a unique language and writing system that traces back to ancient Egypt. Books are currently being written about them including a book titled salt by Haitian-American Pascaline Brodeur.

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