Ikenga Carnival 2020: the reason for the hustle

Ikenga Carnival 2020: the reason for the hustle

On 2nd of January, 2020 Amagu will be opening a new vista of social innovations as she launches her maiden Ikenga Carnival.

This won’t be the first carnival in the world, but it’s sure going to be the first ever held in Oduma. So after this, when other villages across Oduma begin theirs, it’ll be in history that Amagu Autonomous Community blazes that trail.

This is the reason -that Amagu must keep leading in Oduma as the greatest star in excellence.

So far, the preparation is done and we’re inviting you; we’re inviting the world. Come and witness this awesome event.

To be featured in the carnival include different kind of traditional dances, beauty pageant, etc.

There are people, especially within Oduma, who seem to delight in attribute violence to Amagu. Of course, that’s a mistaken impression as this event will also demonstrate that Amagu is not just peopled by the most hospitable humans. We’re equally loving and highly peaceful.

Don’t just sit there with your gossips; please come and see for yourself. Amagu is the Ikenga Oduma, the very number one village in Enugu state.

Jude Ogbonna

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