Why Oduma will celebrate Xmas in darkness

Why Oduma will celebrate Xmas in darkness

By this time last December nearly every corner in Oduma flooded with lights of electricity.

Most people still don’t know who was actually responsible for that, having been carried away by the euphoria of the unprecedented development. I still think that we shouldn’t be talking about who brought the light, but why such basic social amenities like roads and electricity should be an object of much awe.

When you want to let people know that such surrounding towns like Nenwe, Ngbowo and Ndiabor could marvel at our obvious backwardness in cheering at a one-month presence of electricity, they recoil in anger. But its a fact. Its a glaring fact that relatively little towns are much better than we are.

The reason is not farfetched.

Last year was the preceding election year, and our ‘dear’ politicians were smart enough to know that we could easily be deceived. Of course, Oduma is a key zone in winning elections in Enugu West; those who understand this political calculation have long been deceiving us and milking us dry.

As there are is another three years before next elections, we better be patient. We have lived in darkness since Oduma existed, so we could as well continue to do so.


Jude Ogbonna

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