Clarion call: Make Oduma Great Now

Clarion call: Make Oduma Great Now

Maybe your own father haven’t told you about it; late Ozo Ogbonna Ani, my father told me. Once upon a time, Oduma was the greatest among all the surrounding towns.

Someone from Nenwe or Nomeh or Nkerefi is likely to misunderstand my point, so I want to correct him in advance. Everyone knows that every particular land has her own version of stories of greatness.

So Oduma was the greatest. In terms of farming and trading and wrestling, this people always ranked first.

No doubt, our ancestors left us with sound legacies. But where is the glory today? It has dissipated!

Its not as if you won’t find great businessmen in Oduma today. Its not as if we don’t produce political stalwarts. Its not as if our men are no longer strong or that we no longer farm.

Hon. Okugo Nwanjoku is a fantastic politician from Oduma enclave

Ever since that remote past we, like every living organisms, have been evolving. So its not a question of growth; its a question of the rate of the growth.

Do you know that Oduma is the key area any politician who want to win election in Enugu West craves for? We’re rich in many things, and richer in number.

Political philosophers tells us, and its true, that politics is a game of number. Our population has already made us relevant in the modern day politics, but why are we always remembered only during election times?

There is no electricity in Oduma now. And that Obeagu road is a death trap! While others are receiving assistance from the local and state governments, our own farmers are slaving daily in the sun without any form of incentives in view.

We’re utterly neglected, yet only few people realize this.

But I know why our people are being so deceived. Until now Oduma has had some of her sons serve in various political offices but these sons only concentrated in enriching themselves with the collective portions of our meat.

“Why won’t we be clapping hard for ‘he’ who isn’t from Oduma, yet “is so kind and good” that he built us road?” The poor peasant farmers would defend their point that Oduma is well treated.

If you check it properly, their line of thought isn’t mere fantasy. They are thinking in terms of visible reality! But little do they know that Oduma can be greater than this if we’ve been a bit political like others.

Let’s wake up. Let’s come together, to unified our strength. Let’s push common agenda of greatness. Its now -make Oduma great!

Jude Ogbonna

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