FACE OF AMAGU 2020: The battle for the crown is drawn

FACE OF AMAGU 2020: The battle for the crown is drawn

I fear that I might be offending some innocent individuals if I state this absolute truth: Amagu has the finest girls in Oduma.

But do I have a choice? The love of my land is my undoing! I can only beg that I should be less misunderstood and only be slightly misquoted for I bear no one in mind as I highlight the beauty of Amagu.

As Oduma now know, a firebrand pressure group, Amagu Oduma Development Forum Worldwide, is hosting its maiden carnival tagged ‘Agu-Ikenga Carnival 2020’ on 2nd January, 2020 at King’s High School, Amagu.

Its also on public notice that nothing is spared to give that event sleek of luxury and pleasure. For example, as you would be watching various cultural dances, including the famous Ojonkwu, star artistes would be beating right into your heart with assorted displays.

Then, you’ll see, from every corner of the audience, personified elegance of Ada Amagu cat walking up to the stage. That’s about the climax as that day will bring unto a spot the very Roses from different part of Amagu; the beauty contest is it.

The race for Ada Amagu 2020 has already begun.

Ukamaka Ofili from Uhuagu part of Amagu is contesting! As far as you’re not some kind of useless imbecile, you’re sure to look twice at this piece of beauty as she passes by you.

To say the least, she is pretty with the chilling smile of a river goddess! She’s not coming to contest; she said,

“Jude, I’m in this game to win it!”

An undergraduate at Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Amaka has the very exposure which gives her edge.

Jude Ogbonna

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