I’d love to marry Oduma man -Anwurika

I’d love to marry Oduma man -Anwurika

Ani Anwurika, a Port Harcourt-based fashion designer reveals her feelings, saying that Oduma is really blessed with the kind of men any girl should crave for.

The damsel is a native of Ohofia in Oduma.

“Sincerely, we’ve got responsible men here.” She said, adding

“By God’s grace I’ll be married here. It really is going to be difficult going to a faraway lands as a wife.”

You’re meeting a humble woman in Anwurika. She’s very pretty too: fair-skined with sensuous soft lips that give her the look of Lauren Conrad.

She’s mature in character, in size, in age. Any man could be lucky, and anything can happen especially this season when men from the city and the home based are all on the look out for relationship.

But would Anwurika accept any of the many proposals to come this Yuletide? Only heaven knows what she’ll do as she’s focused on building the dreams in her heart.

Jude Ogbonna

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