ANINRI APC primaries: why Ebubedike failed

ANINRI APC primaries: why Ebubedike failed

As far as I’m concerned the last Monday’s Aninri APC primary election announced the new kings of the party in the area, as Ebubedike of Mpu got the lose end.

It was a big tussle, a tussle not essentially between the two chairmanship aspirants. Ebubedike of Mpu was fighting in favour of his political son, Mr. Afam while Hon. Okugo Nwanjoku and Hon. Amobi Agbara stood for the true winner, Mrs. Grace Odumeze.

Until now I’m wondering why Ebubedike still wanted to cheat the innocent woman of her rightful victory, even after nasty propaganda against her before the election.

Ebubedike was fighting unworthy cause and he failed -alongside his allies. Are you fighting the truth? Why must our selfish aim be placed above the general interests? Just how much did Afam paid to have influenced Ebubedike so powerfully?

I’m worried that some APC members are already defeating our chances in Aninri. And even as its now settled that Mrs. Odumeze is the authentic flag bearer, I still sense sentiment and like attempts of betrayal.

But now we ought to be wise. Let’s come together and defeat the evil dynasty of Ekweremadu so that people can be happy again. I give kudos to Hon. Okugo and Magina; I congratulate all the elected councillorship candidates and Mrs. Grace Odumeze. The future is bright and we all can drop our personal ambition for profit and seek to restore our land.

Jude Ogbonna

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