Ndumeze Kingdom may intervene to resolve Amagu/Ameke war

Ndumeze Kingdom may intervene to resolve Amagu/Ameke war

Mr. Stephen Ekpete, a nephew of Igwe Onyiaoha Nwanjoku of Ohofia Ndumeze Kingdom, is again undertaking the enterprise of settling the age long battles between the two villages of Amagu and Ameke.

In January 2019 this gentleman led a powerful campaign to the effect of stopping the evil this conflict. He had attracted several prominent and influential men from Oduma to join the cause.

Such figure like Okite, Ochiagha Nwanjoku, Okezie Nwanjoku, Igwe Morphy, Mr. Jeo Merit and other super successful men and women of Oduma were in support of restoring peace in Ameke and Amagu. That time, he had met with the leadership of Amagu and Ameke in Lagos branch who showed interest in the cause.

However, certain factors led to the fall of this noble enterprise.

Now that the two warring communities are at each other’s neck again, the interest of Odumarians of goodwill are aroused again, each willing Stephen to begin the moves again.

When Mr. Stephen called AlutaExpress he indentified the same reasons why Ameke and Amagu is strategic in the general development of Oduma, saying that many more individuals of class are desperate to solving this problem.

Stephen, a native of Ohofia, is a graduate of English Language from University of Benin. He is a successful businessman in Lagos and has huge contacts and rapport with several men of substance.

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