Aninri council election: “The game is still tight because I’m involved” -Hon. Okugo

Many People don’t know that Okite, one of the most powerful man in Oduma and the President General of Amankpume Autonomous community, was arrested alongside others by the police following tip off by candidates of APC of the local council on February 29.

That single act was said to have shocked the populace of Oduma as such a thing has never happened in the past.

The arrest was not unconnected with electoral fraud in the local council elections of 29 February where all the PDP candidates across the state was declared winners.

Although the Oduma-born business tycoon was released the same day after about 5 hours following the serious intervention from Aninri PDP stakeholders such as Hon. Abel Chukwu, Hon. Chinedu Otaka and others; another Oduma-born financier, Onwa of Umuenem was there pleading for peaceful resolution and for Okite’s release.

It was at the middle of the faceoff that the leader of Aninri APC, Hon. Okugo Nwanjoku, the son of the veteran king of Ndumeze kingdom, HRH Onyioha Nwanjoku, opted to offer the stakeholders soft landing. Agreement was signed.

Now it is clear that the honourables are no longer ready to stick to the agreement, having chosen instead to dare the APC candidates and Okugo with whom the agreement were made.

These men are mistaken Hon. Okugo for a fool. Having been allowed to damage some incriminating evidence, the stakeholders imagine that there can never be leads to the offense for which the arrest was made. But the Aninri PDP may be in for some real surprise as more indicting evidences are surfacing with countless willing witnesses are coming to assist Okugo and his team to testify if need be.

Jude Ogbonna

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