I salute the resilience of Amagu as my 6 detained brothers are freed

Yesterday, Amagu finally met all the stringent requirements and had all our 6 sons released from police detention after about 2 months in custody.

Recall that all hell broke loose on 28th January when my village and her neighbor, Ameke rocked horns in a brutal battle, an incidence which shocked the conscience of every decent person.

Between that period till date, a lot has happened in and to Oduma. We have had our able bodied young men taken by the police. In fact, Oduma became a feasting ground both for security operatives and crooks of all kinds. People’s properties were looted, and rumor mongers were having a ball. Ameke were fleeing in fright; Amagu were fleeing in droves.

Another thing, annoying thing that happened was done by opportunists, most of whom were from Esinesi. People from Esinesi, understandably in a bid to improve their decaying market, waded in and caused more confusion.

Then, there was the climax of it -orie was ceased. As bulldozers were leveling buildings and structures worth millions of naira, and as rivers of a million tears flowed at the fall of orie, Amagu and Ameke were busy, shamefully competing on which side would first raise some ‘international’ markets somewhere else.

But I’ll tell you this. That orie was not just at the center of Oduma; it represented the most enduring and outstanding heritage of our past. Orie Esinesi, and of course, any other markets in Oduma, can’t fill the place of that pride which we’ve now, stupidly, lost. Our people never know that the ancestors of Oduma, while they yet lived, established that place with sacredness and many sacrifices.

As I rejoice with Ikenga family following the freedom of our sons, I so much wish that the warring communities will bury their matchets. We only need to look hard enough on his ancient sentiments to see that we don’t really have much difference that should warrant wars.

Jude Ogbonna

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