Why PDP puppets feared our planned protests

Why PDP puppets feared our planned protests
Jude Ogbonna, in one of the banners

I consulted widest circle possible, then declared protest in Oduma. It was very surprising how PDP members reacted!

That was February, the period campaigns for local council elections were heating. The protest was fixed on 24th February and the election date was 28th of the same month.

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Jude Ogbonna, the APC councillorship canhttp://www.odogwublog.comdidate in 2020

Immediately the banners were released on social media, my team and I had begun to receive series of threatening messages and calls. It was the weaklings, of course; the very PDP stakeholders in Oduma. They vilified us on social media and sent their men who come to my home to warn my people.

We later had to cancel the protest for single reason of the timing. With the successive events of our rallies across Aninri which PDP was already finding uncomfortably suffocating, it would be easy for that protest to be misunderstood as politically motivated.

No one could believe that the separate communities of Oduma could be that united! From the outskirt of Ukete to Ameke and Amagu, and to the faraway boundaries of Ohofia and Obeagu, enthusiasm went sky notch. It was one of its kind in my town and everyone wanted to be part of this glorious movement.

But it wasn’t because of politics that we had planned the match, and we had not targeted PDP.

The ancient grudges in between Amagu and Ameke villages had just caused a communal battle. Orie, the fastest growing and the biggest market in Aninri, was burnt down with lives and properties lost.

This wasn’t the first time that there was going to be crisis in recent time, but people are already fed up with the attitude of the leadership of the two communities. The President Generals of Amagu and Ameke, who are suspected to be master-minders of the recurrent crisis, were nonchalant. All they seemed to care about is that they have “boys” whom they will send to war.

Being the poor judge they were, the so-called leaders of PDP, especially from Amagu, mistook the displeasure to be coming their way. I don’t want to call their names as I always do.

But its my opinion that these are the people who are aiding the rise of alternative political parties in Oduma. Their incompetence is too much for one set of people!

Jude Ogbonna

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