Meet Stephanie, the new Face of Awka

Stephanie, super model

I can still remember when one huge guy had to slap me at Eke Awka! That day was hot and this guy, from Abagana, has some hand!

You’ll want to hear the end of this story but let me, first, tell you why I didn’t attempt to fight back at the embarrassment.

It was sometime in May 2015. I had just escaped from mother’s prying eyes in the village where I had practically lived in the farm with her, farming. The stress of farming in the remote Oduma, my hometown, was just too much and I hated farming.

Now, back to the boisterousness of Awka, it was with eagerness that I greeted the ancient city of the anvils. I met Nnamdi and Joseph, my course mates in English department of UNIZIK. I was excited to unite again with my people after 5 weeks vacation, so when they told me they were going to Eke Awka to buy some things I joyfully went with them.

Then it happened -there was this lady I saw in the market. And I lost my mind!

She was shopping, pricing rice and other foodstuffs, and laughing so happily at jokes with her only companion, yet another beauty!

I had since left my friends whom I came with. Eke Awka is quite busy and big, so all you have to do to get lost is to let two or more people to come in between you and your companion.

I followed her. Smart guys will understand me. If you’re worldly like I was and you have a little sense, you’d know that you can’t alert the girl you’re following. Thank goodness for the bad books I had been devoting my time reading, so I played well.

I approached the ladies closely and very cautiously. You wouldn’t see her beauty if you were looking from afar!

Wow! That was when I made a mistake. Without knowing it, I had begun to fantasize. What a beauty …like a diamond in the sky! To me it was her fairness that gave the market the very light all us were seeing with. Her gaits. The immaculate finger nails. The simplicity of her lipstick and general make up.

Then, a slap exploded, sending resounding ring of echoes down my eye drum.

This huge bastard could slap! In a controlled effort to not let this queen out of my reach, I had stepped on a stone which was the foundation for about 6 bags of beans. According to the story, people had been shouting; my brother, I didn’t hear anything!

I’m afraid I can’t tell you all I passed through, but after I was forced by market security to pick these seeds of beans one after another I wasn’t in a good frame of mind.

This girl has gone!

It was late August that year that I met her again. Guess why I met her? Fate is a bitch!

She is Chisom Stephanie. A native of Abatete, this pretty goddess had been reading English Language in the same school with me! Seeing her, at first I thought it was another crazy imagination. She was going to Library and I had to meet! It took courage.

“Hi beauty! Xup naa?” I had to control my voice with considerable difficulty.

She responded -friendly!

“I’m fine, dear; I’m sorry about what happened that day in the Market.”

Her voice is another thing, and I couldn’t help being mesmerized!

Jude Ogbonna

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