“The trick is to believe in yourself” -the bestselling Oduma comedian

“The trick is to believe in yourself” -the bestselling Oduma comedian

Less than 2 weeks after his ‘Jesus na-asu Oduma” comedy video crip debuted and shook entertainment industry with over 4 million views in just 3 days, Mazi Akpata is already in the midst of shooting yet another hilarious video.

He released the clip on Saturday and he’s already reaping million claps of applause in likes and comments on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. As Akpata suddenly become a star of a sort, what is on every guy’s mind is what could his secretes be.

“Ive just learned simple lesson about life …all you’ve got to do is to believe in yourself,” he answered when I personally sought the answer for the public.

If you consider that this guy is coming from the faraway background of obscurity, the remote place of Oduma, you’re going to appreciate his ingenuity. Sure, an artiste can gather some 4 million views for his video, and an artiste can also shot many videos in quick succession.

But its rare to see such an artiste when all he has as his only tools are his phone camera and his brains.

“Crazyfools Comedy has come to stay,” he said and see the way he said it! Oduma could be arriving the scene of modernity soon and the prayer in our heart is that this guy keep the zeal away from complacency.

Jude Ogbonna

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