SWANKY mp4: 2.7 million views in 24 hours

SWANKY mp4: 2.7 million views in 24 hours

Swanky’s new released video garnered a record breaking 2.7 million views under 24 hours. Yet this talented artiste is still grounded and relatively unknown. Why?

First, you’ll need to understand his background. A teen from Oduma, he has grown up to see that only trading, and that’s petty trading at most, is the only recognized profession by his people. No one wants to think differently and see that great individuals like 2Pac, 2Face, Elton John, Simi, Timaya, Oliver, Osadebe, Phyno and thousand others are essentially singers who made name with enormous wealth by the gifting of their voice.

And this is to say that Swanky grew up among people who don’t believe in giftings.

The result is that he gets only discouragement and no support.

Unfortunately, this is happening in and to Oduma, a town with several great men of wealth. Why won’t Swanky be sponsored? He could be gathering cents and dollars for the million views for his song, but there’s neither YouTube account or website to post his talents. Won’t somebody help? Won’t somebody connect Swanky to the hall of fame? He’s got all it takes to excel as singer!

However, watch this great guy on WhatsApp; say “Hi, Swanky” to 08121371886.

Jude Ogbonna

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