“Don’t give the $3.4 billion to APC” -Former APC Publicity Sec. tells IMF

Comrade Timi Frank, former deputy National Secretary of APC, is now opposing Buhari-led adminstration without fear.

He released a statement to the press, where he spat on the president, openly declaring that the $3.4 billion loan Federal Government is seeking from IMF is certain to be squandered by Buhari and APC cabal.

Whether he’s right or wrong in this, the fact is that the press has already picked up the activist’s populist message and is riding with it.

Millions of Nigerians will stay glued on their radio and television sets at 8 P.M today as Presideny Buhari will give live broadcast on FRCN and NTA. He is to either relax the COVID-19 lockdown or extend it.

Jude Ogbonna

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