Enugu APC crisis: horror and intrigue await 2023

Amid ravages of the killer coronavirus, evidences are surfacing to show that contest for who is who in Enugu State ahead of 2023 elections is on.

A PDP-controlled State, Enugu will face intense pressure, but that is if the present crisis lurking in APC is not sustained.

Less than two weeks after the radical political activist, Prince Okugo Nwanjoku, was arrested by stakeholders of the party following alleged controversial comment involving Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, another sordid stories have surfaced.

Geoffrey Onyeama, the present Foriegn Affairs Minister is facing a battle in the Court, a problem that is believed to be orchestrated at home front. For now, no one knows what will happen to the Minister.

Recently, Chief Jideofor Ogbuagu, another APC chieftain in Enugu, is alleging that the Foreign Minister is surrounded by deadly sycophants. All things being equal, Mr. Onyeama will survive the obvious incursion but he can no longer maintain his support base which keeps slimming drastically in the face of the opposition.

In another development, former APC candidate, another radical media warrior, Mr. Sebastian Bookastro launched campaign on Sunday against possible candidature of Prince Lawrence Eze.

According to Mr. Sebastian, Prince Eze is another evil and he cautioned that the state leadership and entire APC Enugu State should go against the Prince of Enugu East whom Bookastro designated to represent treachery and wickedness.

This is to be expected, however, in a State that’s eager to wake up in radical politicking. But its happening so fast.

Dr. Tony Nwoye, the State chairman of the party, is equally assaulted. He may be collecting litigation against one Mrs. Grace over a damaging publication by her media outlet. Some malicious fellows within the House of APC, its suspected, are behind Mrs. Grace libelous article.

All these are buildups ahead of 2023. Some people will fall for others to rise.

Jude Ogbonna

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