It has become extremely imperative that Amagu wake up now and join the progressive world to match with the pace of time, else we would not just be losing our top place in Oduma, but would certainly be falling victims within the cluster of mean circumstances of this speeding 21st century.

My tone would be understood to be critical of your throne for I have seen a lot of errors in the land, many of them having their direct bearing from your policies as a king.

So, for the reason that you are my father, my mentor and my king, I want to apologize in advance for I am writing to tell you the truth; the bitter truth which most people talk about in their privacy but would never tell you; the bitter truth which has cost us a lot of pain; the bitter truth which is robbing us of our own heritage of power and majesty; the bitter truth which keeps in danger the lives and future prosperity of this land.

The reason I choose public media instead is born out the magnitude of the issues which have all crossed far beyond the borders of our community unto the ears of our external enemies and friends.


Oduma speaking communities, across the world, riled in revulsion last weekend when recorded voice messages leaked from the WhatsApp platform of Amagu Oduma Development Forum, Worldwide.

The contents, which are now in the hands of both our foes and allies and which, I supposed, are also in your possession, have potential to serve two opposite purposes at the same time.

The leaked messages tell stories of and about Amagu. In them, Amagu at home came out to the open at the sacred square to name names of some men who have been shamelessly having sexual affairs with our own wives whose husbands still live and breath the same Amagu air.

You will hear also that a millionaire philanthropist, Monday Ezeh, had his N250,000 stolen alongside his international passport with several other important personal belongings. It is sordid news, but then human being thrives on sordid news. Hence, the fast spread of the information.

It is only the devil himself who would not condemn such height of atrocities. The viral WhatsApp voice message, however, would be a disturbing shift of narrative for our critics who say that Amagu supports evil.

From antiquity, we have the tradition of handling bad elements, no matter how highly placed those persons involved are. But to the outside observers, the story is always the opposite.

My fear now is that, Your Highness, in your usual weak let-me-not-annoy-anyone manner, would treat this highly publicized event with kid groove, and thus provoke negative impression upon our name.


It is true that the conflict between Amagu village and her Ameke neighbor was sitting before you sat on your throne, but the constant clashes in recent times with the attendant unquantifiable damages tells a lot about the leadership of Amagu which you should wield the greatest influence.

As a case study, the January ’20 crisis, which cost life, millions-of-naira worth of properties, Orie, and lost of goodwill, was easily an avoidable conflict for a community which has a diligent ruler. But you were nowhere to be found in the meetings where the decisions were made. Hence, some clique of people, led only by unhealthy emotions, pushed us all to the grave mistakes.

For one thing, you should have been proactive in the first place so that you would simply avoid the groupthink conclusion that “Ameke is looking for war again.” The fact on ground then was that Ezemuo with his gang of provocateurs encroached to a contested space at Orie. Igwe, you would have simply picked up your phone and obtained firsthand information by calling the leadership and the opinion leaders in Ameke. If they were tacitly supporting Ezemuo their body language and their words would certainly betray them. As it was later discovered, Ameke as a community did not planned any war but were, in fact, against Ezemuo. But by the time of that discovery life was lost and the matter transformed into communal battle, giving vandals the chance to dispossess people of their wares and trade.

You also had the option of facilitating arrest of Ezemuo and his group. That would force the truth out immediately as the whole community of Ameke would either go on offensive or kept cool. That way, you would be determining the truth and be acting solely on it. But you played minimal role. Some narratives have it that you proudly ran away, leaving us and the borders defenseless.


Since the case of Mr. Onyeabor James, Amagu President General, was in the public domain, you have tacitly given him support and shielded him from both investigation and impeachment. Your Highness, what you are obviously failing to note is that you are setting the stage for your downfall and for the possible withdrawal of the certificate of the throne.

Autonomous communities are created by certain ordinances of the government, and I would want you to know that such ordinance could also be set aside, thereby simply taken away such political enclaves it once empowered. Put crudely, Amagu Autonomous community could be dissolved.

This is not my prayer but all your actions are placing enormous powers in the hands of any person who may decide to challenge our existence as autonomous community.

On April 17, 2018, Vanguard newspaper ran a news story where it was said that governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi handed a cheque of N5 million to over 100 autonomous communities in Enugu. According to the story, the government had earmarked N10 million for each of the 450 autonomous communities in the state. Your Highness, please be reminded that there is no serious effect of that money in your community. Or do we assume that you and the President General did not collect our lot from the state?

An adversary would fall on this documented evidence. Such an enemy would also go and obtain records from Community and Social Development Project (CSDP).

Because CSDP has given our us large chunk of money which was flagrantly embezzled, and because Amagu, on her own, had large sources of income inflow, it would be just too easy for our assailants to go to appropriate authorities of the state and create trouble for Ikenga Family.

I am sure you know the power you have -you are certified Igwe! You represent the gods and the throne because Amagu is a kingdom.

Nowhere else but Amagu is a President General stronger than Igwe. The role and the powers of a President General is well stated; according to the law, he should be a mere appendage to the palace. Why is our own President General stronger than the throne and the people?

People grapple with this question in their closets. And since your actions speak volume about what you think about Mr. James Onyeabor, it is safe to assume that you are playing a serious role in enabling the embezzlement and his arrogance. In fact, Igwe, it is discussed often in the general that you are the chief actor in the coffers mismanagement.


The might and honour for which this land is famous, you know, stem from our unalloyed spirit of solidarity. From our Fathers until recently, we have been one another brother’s keepers. However, some dirty propagandists clamped down on our reasoning and Amagu developed negative sensibility, segregating against our own brothers, the good people of Umunorji.

But the gods were with them, and they surmounted the onslaught and stayed. Your Highness, it is pertinent that your leadership launch fresh initiatives to appease that clan because they have been grossly insulted.

From history, Your Highness, we know that a great king wants to avoid whatever actions or policies which will bring mutiny among his army or resentment from even the minimally populated side of his dominion. These people must be properly welcome back, and that would be saving the community a lot of trouble, maybe in the years to come when our own generation has passed unto death.


Of all the qualities of men and people who are worthy to lead the great Ikenga Family, fearlessness and greatness of spirit are most valued above all else. And these Mr. Godwin Orji-Ani, the former President General, has to a considerable degree. He had fought the wars on drugs, and efficiently tackled other internal and external challenges with unparalleled energy.

Yes, this man did not please everyone during his reign. But then, a great leader’s primary concern is not to please anyone in particular but to deliver to his people in general the best policies as his position allows. I am not in any way absolving Mr. Godwin of whatever shortcomings for which some people may dislike him for. Rather, my point is that he is a great leader, and it is only fitting that Your Highness should remember the worthy stewardship of this man who was injured while in active service for Amagu. I do not think that he needs our money; but he certainly deserve a special honour as a living hero.


Your Highness, in the present civilization so much is possible that you cannot accurately determine the power of even a private citizen. How much more the influence of a traditional ruler! Your deeds, by the virtue of your position, are too weighty for pages of articles of biography. You are yourself a history!

As an aside, when your brother, Mr. Lazarus Ohabuikem led Amagu-Ani as chairman, he ruled with such great fervour and ferocity that we still refer to him today as the best leader we have had. Learn from that example, Your Highness.

Find a place in your heart to forgive me for being brutally direct to you, but I earnestly long for our glory to return. But I may not just be stopping just in writing you letters. Should you still refuse to listen to the legitimate concerns of our people but continue to thread the old shady ways, then I shall be among the leading men to make the throne uncomfortable for you when Amagu chooses to rise against you any day because of misrule.

Having spoken the ‘forbidden’ truth to the world, I am aware that some may begin to plot traps for me. But then, many other men have died because of truth and I share that queer philosophy of preferring death over living under the bondages of injustice and lies.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Jude Ogbonna
(Editor, Aluta Newspaper)

Jude Ogbonna

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