Oduma kidnapping saga: Mmafu likely to engage Ameke

Oduma kidnapping saga: Mmafu likely to engage Ameke

By Odinaka Offor

People of Mmafu said they are yet to conclude how best to pay Ameke back for the kidnapping and attempted murder of their son.

Last week Oduma was reeling in revulsion when the news broke that group of men from Ameke village kidnapped Mmafu man whom they mistook for Amagu native.

According to the sordid story, Ameke was on a communal mission to sacrifice a human head. The story has it that a witch doctor tasked the community to bring a human head of Amagu indigene for ritual.

Although it is still unconfirmed the reason for the conspiracy, it is generally believed that Ameke is getting ready for another battle with their Amagu neighbors.

For almost a century, the two communities have locked horn, continually fighting and damaging one another’s properties in a very large scale.

Recall that there was one of such communal conflict on January where a man was lost on Ameke side. It was the climax of the wars in recent memories as Orie market, one major concern for both communities, was completely demolished and the land seized by governor Ugwuanyi’s government.

So far Oduma opinion leaders have spoken in unison, moved to permanently restore peace.

It was only three weeks ago when Comrade Stephen Ekpete, a neutral man from Ndumeze kingdom, led delegation of high profile Oduma sons and daughters under the auspices of Oduma Peace Ambassadors to talk peace and cooperation between the warring villages.

But the new development is a major setback to every organization or to individuals of goodwill who are working to bring peace as Amagu has recoiled, greatly suspicions of the entire peace initiative.

If Ameke has succeeded in beheading their victim, the story might have been sealed, Amagu think. And its possible that Ameke might still be resolute in presenting a head of Amagu son to their native doctor. So, Amagu is willing to protect their own.

On its part, Mmafu, a relatively little community, is still talking tough as at the time of filing this report, thereby, raising the stake even higher. The village has a very close tie with Amagu according to myths, and Mmafu says it has no reason to just let go of this offense.

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