Fresh trouble in Amagu as a ritualist is exposed and disowned

Fresh trouble in Amagu as a ritualist is exposed and disowned

Tuseday, the entire rural dwellers in Amagu-Ani Amagu village in Oduma gathered in their sacred square and disowned one Oluebube Ogbo, a ritualist.

The young boy, 22, was caught red handed by group led by Ele, the former chairman of the ward while he was dropping scary bundles of charm on a popular Obe lake in the farm on Monday.

When the news hit the public, the villagers, mixed host of semi-educated and uneducated peasant farmers, bust in tears because they believe there is potency in charm. Because sense of communality still exists among these people they sounded bell and immediately everyone was present at the square, abandoning their daily farming activities.

By Tuesday morning Oluebube had disappeared. But Amagu-Ani prevailed on his aging mother and elder brothers to bring him back.

He was followed to Obe farm by swarm of angry mob, and was forced to take back his charms in his own hands.

Back at the village square, Oluebube, his mother, Ikpemaruwa Ogbo, and his other siblings were greatly humiliated after which the young ritualist opened up and led the villagers to many of his strongholds of petty charms.

Oduma is facing this sort of challenges in recent time. But the Amagu-Ani example has become the new way to contain some of these daring bastards. Now, the household of Ikpemaruwa Ogbo is facing possible excommunication after the final judgment in December.

Jude Ogbonna

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