KIDNAP SAGA: why Amagu should be wary now than ever

KIDNAP SAGA: why Amagu should be wary now than ever

When the flawed Oduma Peace Ambassadors failed to stop ALUTAEXPRESS from highlighting its hypocrisy, it has resorted to verbal attacks and threats through its members and its sympathizing conspirators.

What surprises me most, and what should surprise our wonderful readers is that not even a single person out of the detractors has dared to say that the controversial news story lack validity.

Of course, its true that some elements from Ameke have attempted to use a human head of Amagu son for ritual, but instead had made mistake and nearly killed a man from Mmafu.

At first, the shameless purveyors of lies made up the story that such a thing never took place. Almost immediately, facts floated and stared them in the face, forcing them to retract their lying lips.

But Oduma Peace Ambassadors, still desperate to hush the story, came up with another lie. They seem too good at deception, so this time they said that the man in question, the Mmafu victim is a mad man.

ALUTAEXPRESS promptly investigated this in response, and discovered that the man himself is very sound- a petty businessman who is popular in Oduma and beyond.

It was gathered that Mmafu is under tremendous pressure to help distort the event so as to deceive the public. And guess what? Members of Oduma Peace Ambassadors are at the head of this conspiracy! I asked of their reasons.

The view that the news story would scuttle the so-called ongoing peace arrangement between the warring communities of Amagu and Ameke is yet another of these people’s smart move to keep their true motives out of scrutiny.

But ALUTAEXPRESS must do its work. More startling revelations are coming to the public soon especially if these heartless fraudsters refuse to keep Amagu-Ameke conflict out as a mean to score cheap political points.

Of course, there are great members among these people but it was learned that the good ones are not all that participatory in taking decisions for the group. I’ve received series of calls from such wonderful members who are now very suspicious of the groups.

I’ve been too radical in spreading the view for reconciling Amagu and Ameke communities. In fact, a lot of fellow Amagu natives still believe that I’m a saboteur, that I side more with Ameke than with our own place. But the fact is that I try to stand on justice and truth even when such position hurts my community’s interests.

Besides, ALUTAEXPRESS is not a tool to push lopsided propaganda as truth is our one cherished ideal.

I was among the earlier preachers for peace, the most committed and vocal among my equals. In 2018 I was in the delegation which met Mr. Solomon Otugo, a towering Ameke leader in Lagos. There are just numerous sincere efforts I’ve made in the past as a contribution for peace to sit well with us and our Ameke neighbors.

Initially and even recently, I had unknowingly supported this evil group, Oduma Peace Ambassadors thinking that its said mission is genuine.

But evidence are too many that the group is made up of smart cheaters. Amagu ought to be wary now than ever because the conspiracies of Oduma Peace Ambassadors make our position only too precarious, and there are facts to show that they mean bad for Amagu people.

Emblem of lies and deception

If I’m allowed to suggest, I’d also want Ameke to take decisive steps to rid their beloved community of crooks. The stereotypical Ameke of evil and deadly place is a mere prejudice. Ameke is not a bad place. Over the years I’ve cultivated number of wonderful friends and associates of Ameke extraction who are not just very humane, but who love justice.

If there is a time in our history when peace in needed, it is now. But we should not allow selfish, dirty representatives who are only pretending to negotiate for us.

Jude Ogbonna

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