The shambles of infrastructure in Aninri under Ezekiel Chukwu

The shambles of infrastructure in Aninri under Ezekiel Chukwu

In recent years mortality rate has increased in Oduma, with children and adults alike dying like flies everyday.

Among the many factors readily identified, stress is what doctors talk about always. But what do you expect?

The major source of livelihood for the people of Oduma is farming, not mechanized one anyway. They have to clear the bush, till the lands, do generally everything manually.

In a place like this you would expect that functioning health facilities will be available. But that’s not the case in Oduma.

One by one, successive local government administrations have come and passed, with millions upon millions of naira flooding our treasury for capital project development. But there is no evidence of such allocation and grants which come monthly in tens of millions of naira.

The health center at Ndumeze kingdom is a considered example, a highlight of the failed local council chairmen, worst of whom is the present Aninri chairman Hon. Ezekiel Chukwu.

There are only shambles of health facilities in Oduma and, of course, in all other places in the local government area.

Despite the evil which each serving government met on them, people of Oduma still see no reason to complain. As the last decay of all the government owned health centers begins, it is projected that death rate will triple in Oduma before long. Thus, Hon. Ezekiel Chukwu will secure his name permanently in history as the worst local government chairman ever in entire Enugu West.

Jude Ogbonna

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