NYSC to stop posting “corpers” to Oduma schools, facilities

NYSC to stop posting “corpers” to Oduma schools, facilities

Fake online poll surfaced Wednesday and claimed that Oduma is the “most conducive” community for NYSC corps members “in the whole of Enugu state.”

Obviously coming from the amateur media handlers of Aninri local council chairman Ezekiel Chukwu, the fake news exposes the corrupt chairman the more as all the ‘corpers’ lodges in Oduma are show of shame.

In Obeagu Oduma, the paramilitary members’ lodge is not only in a sorry state, but the small facility is also the place for keeping the battered outdated health equipment. This is to say that the small bungalow is used both for ‘corpers’ lodge and for health center.

The same is with the lodge at Amagu village and other places across Oduma. They all suffered neglect, sinking by each passing day to rottenness.

Of all, the ‘corpers’ lodge at Negba is the most spectacular disgrace. The simple reason that it faces major road, at public eye, is evidence that those who are projecting Hon. Ezekiel Chukwu as “corpers’ friend” do not know their onions.

Hon. Ezekiel has come under hammers of local media and Aninri constituents early February following indicting publication which show how much he has stolen from local government treasury in only two years in office.

Replying ALUTAEXPRESS, a corps member at Oduma who preferred anonymity said he is already sponsoring petition to the effect that NYSC should stop posting corps members to Oduma facilities.

“NYSC should just grant our prayers in those petition. Oduma people are hospitable, I’ll tell you but the government is not doing anything to improve our welfare. Imagine the chairman (Ezekiel) lying that he pays all of us six thousands naira every month!” The corper foamed.

Jude Ogbonna

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