Tension in Oduma as Ameke son’s burial comes in 2 weeks

Tension in Oduma as Ameke son’s burial comes in 2 weeks

Its going viral the message that Ameke village will be burying the victim of the January Amagu-Ameke communal crisis on August 29th, only 14 days from now.

ALUTAEXPRESS has reported that the two warring villages had clash on January and Oduma central market was demolished and seized by government as a result. A life was lost.

Intelligent reports show that Ameke, whose son the deceased is, has vowed to square up the score by killing Amagu native. The mourning community is of the impression that Amagu shot the young man during the crisis which lasted for more than 4 hours, an allegation Amagu has long denied.

It has been proved that many other villages in Oduma enjoy the display of arms and banter between Amagu and Ameke. As the burial of the victim draws closer, Oduma wait in relished anticipation of another conflict, according to reports.

Those who are really talking for peace and those who are pretending to do so are thus challenged in the face of the present situation.

However, its the left entirely in the hands of the two affected communities to advise themselves and stop these needless wars.

While Ameke prepare to bury their son in a unique, according to reliable intelligence, Amagu is set to protect its borders in an unusual way.

Jude Ogbonna

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