Oduma is afraid of Ameke-Amagu integration -Ezinesi now agree with me

Oduma is afraid of Ameke-Amagu integration -Ezinesi now agree with me

I’ve always said that the reason most villages in Oduma will ever continue to prevent Amagu-Ameke integration is that they fear that the two villages will dominate the rest. Many people have agreed with me while there are others who oppose me each time.

But last I got a surprising reply in a phone chat with one of our own, a prominent native of Iyinu village.

Most of you’ll know him if I call his name.

“Yes, Amagu and Ameke are the most powerful villages in Oduma. From the origin.

“If they ever come together and agreed to run affairs as one, Oduma will be in trouble. The most notorious people always come from either village”. He told me.

He said that those who are suing for peace and reconciliation between the two villages must calculate other factors otherwise the whole excise will eventually be to the peril of Oduma in general.

Ameke will be burying the January victim on 29th of this month, only 7 days from today.

So far Oduma Peace Ambassadors and all other concerned people are speaking tough, saying that there is no need to fear as there would be adequate security.

Jude Ogbonna

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