RIP to Basil Azubuike: find Ezemuo and dethrone Igwe Amagu as ultimate tribute

RIP to Basil Azubuike: find Ezemuo and dethrone Igwe Amagu as ultimate tribute

Now we can drop every shred of sentiment while we bury the fallen hero Basil Azubuike, that Ameke native who was killed in the January 29th communal crisis in Oduma. He will be buried on 29th of August, only 5 days ahead.

Recall that Amagu and Ameke villages have been fighting since last 100 years. No one has been able to point to one major factor as the cause of this senseless wars which, so far, has claimed uncountable number of lives and some unquantifiable properties.

As Ameke bury their son, it is very important that they reexamine some issues with detached eyes. What actually was the reason Basil was wasted?

Obituary of Mazi Basil Azubuike

In the end it will no longer matter who should be held for the killing. Mr. Basil is an individual; he was, first of all, someone’s son, someone’s brother, and perhaps someone’s husband and someone’s father. Before he owe responsibilities to Ameke and to Oduma, this man is closer to some people first. So there is no amount of sorrows anyone can express that will feel like those of Basil’s people.

Therefore, the hypocrites can go to hell with their inciting comments! The voice of those who are crying vengeance are being repeated even by respected elders and people of influence.

What Ameke should do is, first, to reflect on the immediate cause of Basil’s death. We might be seeing Ezemuo as the source of the conflict. But was he the real source? What and who actually killed Basil Azubuike?

My opinion is documented in writing and in voice where I gave suggestions on how the January conflict could be avoided. No one listened to me. And after Azubuike was killed and Oduma was in disarray I had written and spoken even more on this. My point has remained the same.

The leaders of Ameke and the leaders of Amagu should all be held and stoned to death!

They are trading with our lives for meagrely material benefits and unmerited honor.


Let’s consider this. When Ezemuo first began to dig that contested ground to build a bus stop, a sensible leader should have moved and promptly arrested him with the law. Ameke was believed to be sponsoring Ezemuo and his group because they did nothing. What efforts did opinion leaders in Ameke and their President General make to stop him, knowing fully well that what he did was ultimately toggling the line of conflict? Ameke did nothing! No one was heard to be condemning Ezemuo.

And a prominent leader from Amagu, a first-class fool, did or said even the worst. According to him, he had attempted to arrest Ezemuo but Ezemuo proved to be impossible to arrest. What a mad talk! Do you know what this leader did further? He left Amagu without direction, then went into hiding with his own children and wife in the comfort of his home in Enugu city.

That war broke out!

Basil would still have been living among his people today; Orie market would have been intact now. There are other countless stories of tragedy which are yet untold. Just because of the wickedness of few men!

Amagu and Ameke now have a common enemy to fight: the evil political establishment on the seats of power.

If there is to be another wars, which is very likely, its still the common who would be the victims. Its still going to be the poor villagers who would be tasked to pay for the war and the ravages. It happened on December 2019: both Amagu and Ameke paid to the leaders.

My point is that some people are benefiting from these battles.

Let’s begin now to look at things with detached eyes. I challenge every Oduma-born to tell me any solid efforts form Aninri Local Government Council chairman, Hon. Ezekiel Chukwu who happens to come from Oduma. Are there not representatives whose constituencies Ameke and Amagu fall into? What are the contributions of these people to stop these senseless wars?

I urge Ameke to wake up. Even if they are asked to kill one million human beings as a appeasement for Basil’s demise, dear Basil would still be lying death!

Of course, the sudden death of Mr. Basil shocks the conscience of every decent person, and I personally commiserate with Ameke and his immediate family.

Like it or leave it, its true that Amagu is not celebrating the death of this unfortunate victim. Everyone of us is shocked as well.

I support that Ameke should fight back as an honor to Mr. Basil. But let such fight be properly guided to the real enemies. The President General of Ameke alongside his co-executives are failed leaders! Ameke should fight them. Ameke should find Ezemuo and make him pay dearly.

The same with Amagu. Our young men are not village warriors. Amagu should dethrone Igwe D.O Ohabuikem and send President General James Onyeabor to jail. They are both the figureheads of failure and we cannot continue like this if we must reclaim our lost prestige as a people.

Jude Ogbonna

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