Amagu-Ameke: see the man behind the peace process

Amagu-Ameke: see the man behind the peace process

Pastor Jim is having great fun in Malaysia, even as his name will go down in history as a legendary peacemaker in Oduma.

Malaysia-based pastor Jim Abba has celebrated his 7th years marriage anniversary with pomp.

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Pastor Jim, Amagu native, is the spiritual director of Fountain of Life Global Church Malaysia. You’re not likely to understand why I’m being particular to mention Amagu until you first know that Jim Abba is the present-day apostle Paul.

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Once notorious for hard living and unsurpassed arrogance, this young pastor did exactly like apostle Paul. But while Paul was fighting to destroy the foundation of Christianity, pastor Jim was at the forefront to undermine every possible strategies of whosoever that kicked against Amagu.

During his entire practice in Judaism, Paul was sincere and zealous, ruthlessly fighting what he had thought was enemy to his people. Jim had fought as Amagu warrior in all communal crisis or low scale battles. He was rightly motivated, too.

Then God arrested him, like Paul. Instead of fighting to destroy Ameke, our dear neighbors, pastor has transferred his effort towards peace with the same zeal.

The 100-year war between Amagu and Ameke communities is coming to the end, owing to pastor Jim’s efforts alongside other peace-loving people of Oduma.

Malaysia is far from here. I neither can stretch my hand to collect a piece of cake nor send him, his wife and son tangible gifts.

May God keep empowering pastor Jim, and may peace between this warring neighbors stop, to be celebrated like this someday.

Live long Pastor Jim!

Live long oracle of Jehovah Overdo!

Live long dear wife and our son!

Live long Oduma Peace Ambassadors!

Live long Amagu!

Live long Ameke!

Happy marriage anniversary, peacemaker!

Amagu and Ameke are two neighboring communities which have foolishly kept prejudice and animosity for nearly 100 years now. What are they dragging? Nothing! These villages are one of the communities in Oduma. Oduma is a town in Enugu, Nigeria.

Jude Ogbonna

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