Most beautiful girls come from Amorji-Oduma

Most beautiful girls come from Amorji-Oduma

She has all it takes to walk on any stage as beauty Queen and win! Just take a look.

Onyinye is a gift to Oduma, a shining specimen of God’s preference of my land.

Take a look!

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A friend called me last night to say that he is nominating her for yet another round as ‘Face of Aluta’ and he gave long list of reasons.

From inside, she is endowed with wisdom, self-control and she is humane. A leading student of political science at University of Port-Harcourt, Onyinye is a first-class material.

Before you see all these you’ll have met her alluring beauty first. Fair, tall, slender are the her first selling features until you come a bit closer to look at her face. And you must look at her face!

Nature was too extravagant in making this piece of mankind. The pink lips and the pointed nose; the sleek eyebrows and the charcoal-dark long hair; mesmerizing smile and the heaven-white teeth all tell the story point by point.

Do you love her too? Or are you jealous?

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By weekend ALUTA~EXPRESS will give her the token of gift if finally she won as other nominated queens will be published later.

Jude Ogbonna

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7 thoughts on “Most beautiful girls come from Amorji-Oduma

  1. No doubt, Amorji Oduma has some beautiful girls, but that is not to assert that the same part of Oduma has the most or highest number of beautiful girls in Oduma.

    As the saying goes,” there is not swamp that is in total lack of of chief crab” there is no community in Oduma that does not have beautiful girls. However, the questions that remain to be answered are: who is a beautiful girl? What are the yardsticks for determining who is beautiful? Does beauty only entail external qualities? Or anything internal? Subscription of merited answers to these questions would assist in determining the true import of beauty.

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