I’m love with the way she carries herself

I’m love with the way she carries herself

I went straight to the point and said, “Babe, listen up. I love you. Your carriage, your style, your gaits make me mad! Be my girl.”

She had liked my direct approach, but she politely said no to my request. Presently with the priceless crown of Miss Ikenga on her head, Miss Chiamaka Uka wants, above all else, to carry to the last the heavy responsibility of shiny example among all maidens in Amagu and in Oduma community.

Recall that she finished first among many classy girls in the fierce battle for Amagu Queen in the January carnival organized by Amagu Oduma Development Forum Worldwide, a foremost pressure group in Aninri.

“Jude, don’t distract me! Brainy he-goat,” she poked, her melodious laughter locked in the air with mine.

Chiamaka will go down in history of Amagu as the first maiden to be honoured in modern time by the collective acceptance from her people as the prettiest person.

She is a practicing nurse, working with and under the mentorship of Dr. Dennis Ogbonna, an Amagu native who is one of the most outstanding medical practitioners in Onitsha.

Whether she will still consider me after she hands the crown to another winner in the next Miss Ikenga beauty pageantry is entirely to be decided based on many factors.

All eyes are on her because of her elegance, her deep sense of our culture and her intelligence. I certainly will be dwarfed in the affluence and long line of many contesting young bachelors and interested married men alike.

Where can I borrow a flashy car? If I miss to marry from Amagu, I’ll seek admission into monastery to pursue priestly career. Hahaha.

You’re invited to the 2nd edition of Agu-Ikenga carnival on 2nd and 3rd January, 2021 at King’s High School, Oduma.

Jude Ogbonna

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