3 things you never know about Pastor Jim

3 things you never know about Pastor Jim

Let me tell you more about Pastor Jim Abba, the most outstanding preacher in Malaysia. He’s from Amagu, Oduma!

A friend chat me the other day and said,

“Jude, is this your pastor Jim not the same ‘Jima’ that used to ‘terrorize’ Oduma alongside other criminals from your Amagu?

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“Beware, my man. He could be one of these bad people who jump out of nowhere and claim to have been called.”

Impulsively, I called him a big fool, then realized that I shouldn’t have unloaded that way without guard. But I still didn’t apologize.

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The truth is that Pastor Jim is called. I’m not simply hyping another Amagu native. He’s real, a flamboyant pastor of note!

But does he has past? Yes, he has! As a teen, he was among the ‘happening’ boys who was well known for his notoriety and for excessive violence. There was no record of stealing or raping, however.

I told this foolish friend of mine to check into his Bible to see Paul, to see numerous other biblical characters. I also told him that Amagu doesn’t breed criminals.

Like it or leave it, Pastor Jim is well respected among his colleague and he’s doing finely well as the firebrand oracle of Jehovah Overdo Palace.

The second thing I want to tell you is that he is the champion of the ongoing peace mediation between the communities of Amagu and Ameke Oduma.

Above all else, today is his birthday! I join his family in Malaysia, Amagu in diaspora and at home, Oduma and the entire lovely people of Jehovah Overdo Palace to wish this illustrious son more great years ahead.

In case you don’t know, Jude Ogbonna is not a Journalist; I’m a blogger. Those stupid formalities you have to meet as the so-called ‘objective’ content writer don’t drag me. Therefore, I have that right to praise my heroes and heroines with whatever choice of words I like. A UNIZIK-trained writer, I’m hold B.A in English Language and I’m also certified in Sokoto as a writer and a publicist by the NYSC Editorial and Publicity Group. And I’v got satisfactory knowledge of propaganda (political marketing) from Hon. Anthony Dunga, the Anambra State Auditor General of APGA.

Jude Ogbonna is a firebrand blogger

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