Akpata video: 4 million views in 4 days

With about 4 million views in less than 4 days, crew of Crazyfools Comedy has marketed both Oduma dialect and its debut video far into the world of entertainment industry.

Reviewing the video which was totally local-made and in Oduma-dialect of Igbo language, Mr. Kingsley Edeh, the MD of G-voice Production, told me that the crew “…is heading to the top.”

The video was cast in celebration of Easter, specifically highlighting that scene where Jesus Christ was crucified between two hardened criminals.

It remains for these young comedians to really put hardwork and focus so that the talent won’t die after the debut. People of Oduma should also support with finance and connection.

The only basic correction Mr. Edeh put is that the video showed no interpretation of the dialect in English as most people would catch the hilarity of the comedy. Also he said that the cast didn’t show their names on the screen, even as there is no address or mobile phone contacts.

Because of poor editing and other technical issues, the video doesn’t play on every platform. You can watch it on our WhatsApp platform. Follow us with 08086146976

Jude Ogbonna

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