Vendetta of Aninri politics: how Amagu is positioned now

Vendetta of Aninri politics: how Amagu is positioned now

On 28th or 29th of December, barely four months from now, Amagu Autonomous Community will be replacing the sitting President General Hon. James Onyeabor with another.

And, already, the race for the community’s apex seat has begun. Because of the demeanor of the present king D.O Ohabuikem, Amagu has recognized the office of the President General as highest in the kingdom.

An influential native who spoke on the condition of anonymity told ALUTAEXPRESS that Amagu has lost its dignity since Hon. Onyeabor assumed duties.

“That man! He is an idiot. We can’t wait to change him.” He said.

“What we need now is a strong leader, someone who will be tough on drugs and on all external forces. Young (James Onyeabor) has sold this land. He has sold Orie (market). He is a bad man.” This man said.

The general feeling in Amagu is that Hon. Onyeabor is the reason some unscrupulous political foes are attacking the autonomous to destroy it.

Recall that attempts were made last month to seize Orie Amagu and to close Amagu motor park. Although it was unraveled that there was internal collusion, the scheme to gag Amagu was believed to be coming from enemy forces scattered all over other communities other than Ameke. In fact, Ohofia, Amachala-uka and other villages in Ezinesi zone were believed to be the figureheads in the conspiracy.

“Oduma hate Ndi Amagu. Simple!” Another native, who pleaded anonymity for the sensitivity of the matter, told ALUTAEXPRESS in a phone chat.

Resentment runs deep among these people and the recent case readily cited was the ignoble behaviors of Ndi Oduma in the face of the January Amagu-Ameke communal clash.

“Can you imagine! Even other communities joined Ameke to fight us at Orie.

“The police were there before the crisis began. It was clear to them and to everyone that Ameke started the trouble and burnt the market. But what did people of Oduma do? They change the story against Amagu. Can Amagu possible burnt down their own buildings in the market?

“We don’t have leadership. That’s the only reason people are messing with us.” He concluded.

After his unfortunate exit from power, Mr. Godwin Orji-Ani, the immediate past Amagu President General, has continued to serve as a modern example of the kind of a leader Amagu earnestly desired. Tough, rough and extremely brutal, this man pursued relentlessly policies which essentially restored unusual tranquility within Amagu enclave and maintained great respect among our neighbors.

Having made the regrettable mistake of imposing Hon. James Onyeabor on the Amagu in 2017, all influential opinion leaders are now set to wipe away the shame on Amagu by getting the autonomous community another leader in the same order of Mr. Orji-Ani.

There are two simple rules the invisible gladiators in Amagu politics want to avoid in the December elections. First, they want to be able to screen out any aspirant who show even a slightest sign of cowardice in his daily living. And they want to conduct the poll in a way that any inclination for rigging will be met with immediate fire.

Recall that the election which put Hon. Onyeabor was rigged, an unpatriotic act orchestrated by his younger brother, Comrade Christian Onyeabor.

Mr. Emmanuel Okolo, popularly known as Emma Canter was rigged out in that process. At first so many people were comfortable with the humiliation giving to this loner. But as, one after another, James Onyeabor began to roll out negative agenda with the accompanying mass fund misappropriation, Amagu swallowed their pride and accepted that they had committed evil against Emma Canter.

Apart from putting back Amagu on the track for prosperity, these schemers want to restore Amagu to that enviable example of strength and pride where no village will dare it.

Already a lot is happening within the larger space of Oduma and Aninri politics. Amagu is worried and wary now, their only tool being the awaiting fierce executive President General being prepared.

Jude Ogbonna

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