See the face behind Oduma Rice

Renown medical lecturer Dr (prof) Eugene Odo, in a phone conversation with me, said that Oduma rice has no rival in consumer market but also said he didn’t yet understand why the brand is relatively unknown in the market space.

“I’ve lived at Ituku for years. You know Ituku, Jude; very close to your hometown, Oduma. Most rice we call Ofada or Abakiliki rice, actually, are produces from Oduma.” Dr Odo told me.

Peopled mostly by energetic farmers, Oduma is fertile for rice and for so many varieties of cash crops. Unfortunately, this remote town isn’t known beyond it borders. No one talks about it and no one talks about the wonders of it people. The result of this is that Oduma is undervalued, grossly marginalized in the market of demand and supply.

It remains some untold story the hell the local farmers have to pass through to be able to get these great produces out from farms to the market where they are always cheated by city traders and unscrupulous middlemen.

But this has begun to change with the arrival of a newly created liability company, Oduma Rice (Nig) Ltd. Headquartered in Alaba, Lagos, the distributing chain is already dominating the state, with its activities presently targeting other mega cities like Onitsha, Aba, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, and Owerri.

“This is wonderful! Jude, you know what? The creators of this company are doing Oduma a great favour,” said Cyril Ibe, a Lagos-based auto spare parts dealer.

“Oduma need this kind of publicity, the company is helping every Oduma persons,” Moses Mba, electrical parts businessman in Akwa-Ibom told me.

“I love this, Jude! You guys should keep it up. Oduma rice is indeed the best. Whosoever that brings this idea is helping Oduma as a whole.” This is from Ashita Tobias, Ameke indigene who trades motor spare parts at Ngbuka Obosi/Onitsha.

There are other medical experts, aside Dr Eugene Odo, who have made similar assertion in the past that Oduma rice is unique and has no rival in nutrients. And the medical guru said with the creation of this company he would make it a duty to include studies of Oduma rice for research theses for his students.

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