Attack these persons wherever you see them

Attack these persons wherever you see them

When this man, Ezekiel Chukwu, was seeking reelection to sit in Aninri Local Government Area as chairman on February, I protested.

I said he was a political thief. I said he was an incompetent idiot; he knew nothing. He showed absolutely no hope of ever knowing anything. I pointed at his gross incompetence.

He has stolen more than 3 billion naira in his first term, between 2017-2018! There was evidence; Prince Okugo Nwanjoku has it. I and many others have the evidence, too.

But I was dismissed as a mere voice of opposition party, a little man of no worth.

That time, Oduma attacked me, saying that “we should support our own.” Nenwe did not protest; so did Ndeabor, Mpu and Okoanku.

Although Ezekiel smell of foul, and although he was hated by all, Aninri kept quiet. It is politics, they thought; it doesn’t concern us.

Today, the conflicts among villages in Oduma have deepened. And Hon. Ezekiel Chukwu, a local government chairman, has maintained deceptive silence. Orie, the central market and the pride of Oduma was forcefully and unlawfully taken, a plan Ezekiel Chukwu, Hon. Marbel Onwukwe, Christian Onyeabor (Udengene), and others orchestrated.

Amagu and Ameke communities should task the chairman to give them share of the proceed once the deal to sell the land that formerly was a general market. They’ve already concluded deal to sell the piece of land.

By the time Ezekiel will be through in 2022, more lands and properties would be stolen from the people of Aninri under one guise or another.

But Oduma can stop this! Aninri can rise and demand the kind of representation or leadership we want! We ought to be angry. Let’s rise and defend our pride.

Ezekiel Chukwu is the number one public enemy as far as I’m concerned. He has cohorts, fellow greedy vultures on the cloaks of councillors and Special Advisers.

Attack this people whenever you see them. They’re the evil Buhari closest to us. Attack them! Its your right to attack them!

Jude Ogbonna

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