Ikeoha 2023: my reply to Stephen Ekpete, Ernest Oshi

Ikeoha 2023: my reply to Stephen Ekpete, Ernest Oshi

Comrade, is that you saying this? Yes, the gathering is a serious one. It could be to decide that Ikeoha should go for governorship seat, Gburugburu and Sullivan for senate respectively. It could also mean to thwart the ambition of the “other major player”.

Ernest Oshi praised Ebeano visit to Gov. Ugwuanyi

I’ll spare you lengthy analysis of my own. But I’ll ask you to think through the history, our own history and other’s.

Enugu is in political bondage, like most states in Nigeria. I’m thinking that the young should be concerned that we have no food, clothe and shelter. People have ruled states and others have subduing kingdoms only at the age of 25 and 30!

How old was Kwame Nkrumah or Yakubu Gowon or General Obasanjo when they run nations?

Won’t we be concerned, thinking of ways to save Enugu from godfatherism? Must the youths always sell their future for a morsel of bread?

Think. My brother, let’s think. Ekweremadu is not the right candidate! A neutral person should lead us come 2023. Let’s be dynamic. Let’s make progress.

Anambra beats other states in Igboland because no one person or clique of persons can successfully hijack the polity the way it is done in Enugu.

Its a shame on you, on me. Its a shame on all our youths and all the elders!

The problem I have with one clique of friends ruling Enugu is not because they’re staying for too long.

What have they achieved for us? That’s the question!

Yes, you can point to one or two overhead bridges. You can see few hospitals and renovated schools. Are these not signposts of progress and the living legacies of these men? You may challenge me.

Then I’ll tell you to list the individual projects of these men and compare to how long they have been in the office and how much they have been given to do projects. That way, you’ll see that we’re moving backward with unimaginable speed.

Jude Ogbonna

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