Amagu-Ameke: The truth that saved Oduma then

Amagu-Ameke: The truth that saved Oduma then

The sponsors of the August 31 Vanguard report obviously think they’re countering my publications at ALUTAEXPRESS, but are they? They are simply leading Ameke astray while, at the same time, crediting me as the modern figure who is changing the weapons of warfare.

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Recall that, for nearly 100 years, Amagu and Ameke villages have engaged in brutal clashes yet, until recently, had failed to get the needed publicity which will enable sincere outside mediators to intervene.

I feel particularly happy that some men have spent money to bring to press presence the burial of late Mr. Basil Azubuike Onwukwe, victim of the January 27 showdown. Basil deserves such honour. What I dislike, however, is the intent of such media report.

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Unlike The Sun news story of January, this particular report is absolutely biased and subtly sponsored to pinch our various injuries. In it, Amagu was particularly indicted as the killer of late Azubuike and that report is now going viral among Oduma speaking communities around the world.

If this tempo is sustained, Google will soon index it, thereby raising even higher its propensity to get to wider audience. This is exactly the point that Amagu is happy with!

Widow of late Basil Azubuike

While no sane person want to say that the killer of late Azubuike should be allowed to walk as a free man, indicting Amagu community even when competent courts have never said so is denting the image of every Amagu native. Amagu is now thinking what should be their reply. Amagu is thus emboldened.

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I’ve repeatedly warned Amagu and Ameke to be wary of the wiles of conspirators. The main reason this conflicts never stop is because, in every generation, there are evil outsiders who, pretending as peace mediators or as informers, want these two communities to go into extinction. I challenge you to find unbiased stories from the elders. Amagu and Ameke remains the caricature in the hands of every willing manipulators every time.

Orie market .Credit: Oduma FB page

Names were mentioned in the Vanguard report and anyone who understands propaganda knows why. Newspapers, like other business enterprises, are seeking to increase revenue and Vanguard simply did a deal, absolutely legal deal!

I’m not surprised that Oduma Peace Ambassadors are not against the report the way they were against ALUTAEXPRESS news story about Ameke. I’m not surprised at all.

A lot is going on right now. I’ve earlier made promise to support the peace mediators, but not in face of this sponsored insult and indictment and lies.

Amagu is no fools and they know exactly who the real enemies are. Recently, we’ve seen serious waves of assaults from fools who thinks they’re powerful and who think they can hide their identities.

Why will Oduma Peace Ambassadors allow the dear poor widow of late Basil Azubuike to beg the government for a job when there are multi-billionaires in the group who can simply establish that woman in any business of her choice? Why do we shy away from calling for Ezemuo, the real protagonist in the fatal clash, to be declared wanted?

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Ameke and Amagu have common enemies to fight! The dirty outsiders; the pretenders; the warmongers within and without; the weak Igwe and the greedy Presidents General of Amagu and Ameke.

Now is the time to arise! Every worthy sons and daughters of our land must enlist now to fight this evil from eating our fresh and blood. When these battles are fought, its our promising young men who are sent to die; the fat ‘big man’ will lounge in the safety comfort of the cities telling us to fight on. They’ll bring the money, yes.

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But our youths are helpless and stranded at home. If you’re wealthy show it not by sponsoring the youths to fight needless wars: help them. Send then abroad. Send them to schools. Set businesses for them.

With this sponsored Vanguard post, the ongoing peace mediation will be crushed soon if nothing is done because Amagu cannot watch the insidious intent of its enemies to go without replies. And these enemies, I repeat, are not necessarily Ameke as a village.

Jude Ogbonna

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