I’ll support Oduma Peace Ambassadors always

I’ll support Oduma Peace Ambassadors always

All along when I supported the mission of Oduma Peace Ambassadors and when I went against some of its members, I know that ALUTAEXPRESS is doing a great service to the group, to Ndi Oduma, to Amagu and Ameke.

After July 12 when the group hosted its maiden conference at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Oduma, dissatisfaction and resentment set in both in Amagu and Ameke camps.

Oduma is not a hospitable place for us -NYSC corps members from Kano

ALUTAEXPRESS still has at its possession many leaked recorded messages of people from Amagu and Ameke, the varying conflict of views for peace and war.

Winning opinion in Amagu still is that the leadership of the community didn’t play its roles properly and that Amagu should pull out of the peace talk. Then the rumor of the kidnapping came. It hit the public hard and reinvigorated war-oriented opinions while also energizing and vindicating those who wanted the peace talk stalled.

In Ameke, the temper is still rising. While there are good number of people who push for the mission of the Oduma Peace Ambassadors to be embraced, there are others who cry for more war and vengeance, arguing that Amagu murdered their son in the January communal clash.

Recall that the rumor of the attempted murder broke last week. But the ALUTAEXPRESS controversial news story ran only two nights ago. Consider the timing -its deliberate.

As the news of the kidnap continued to generate ripple, I expected that the peace mediators should come out in the open and douse the tension head-on. Obviously they took for granted that both natives of Amagu and Ameke are in their forum but that is a big miscalculation.

Its instructive to note that the Amagu and Ameke members in the group are not delegates by Amagu and Ameke Autonomous communities respectively. These men are, by definition, members of a group.

Therefore, Oduma Peace Ambassadors should have taken immediate steps.
For one thing, the ambassadors fail to institute arm of intelligence to gather unspoken information otherwise they should have known exactly what the general perception is in Amagu and Ameke.

As it is now, another rumor is flying with its attendant tension that Ameke will retaliate the death of their son soon as they plan the victim’s burial.

I noted a lot of lapses which are set to thwart the good intention of Oduma Peace Ambassadors. So I came in.

If the group is not checked and ruffled a bit, their intents will never come to fruition.

Before now, I’ve intimated the secretary of the group on the possible challenges they will face based on reliable intelligence. I really need the peace talk to be achieved faster and I told this secretary my suggestions on how his forum can successfully sidestepped the hurdles ahead.

But he didn’t tell the peace ambassadors anyways, from all indications.

The fact is that a journalist should be constant on a watchdog role, a risky job I’ve undertaken to do for my generation.

I’ve successfully awaken the peace mediators by placing the enormous challenges of mediation to their face. Now, I feel satisfied. I’ve received calls from many more of them since morning. Indeed they are out, sincerely, to save Oduma by making Amagu and Ameke to really come together in one love.

At this juncture, I’m informing our wonderful readers all over the world Oduma that Peace Ambassadors is not entirely a fraud. ALUTAEXPRESS will, henceforth, continue to support the group because in the end all we want is peace.

With this renewed vigor of the peace men, I’m sure peace will be achieved eventually between the warring communities.

Jude Ogbonna

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