N700 million pitch: Igbo, Biafran agitators are emboldened by what Dr Isa said

N700 million pitch: Igbo, Biafran agitators are emboldened by what Dr Isa said

You probably watch Dr Isa Pantami last week shamefully asking National Executive Council to give him about N700 million to buy equipment to fight IPOB and Biafran agitators.

Dr Isa is the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy.

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What he said was that there are a lot of illegal communication spectrum in the South East and that by procuring a certain monitoring equipment he would ensure that the country is secure.

If I were to be there live I would ask him which zone is more secure between South East and North East?

Buhari administration and his APC friends seem never ready to cease pushing so hard for unhappiness of the Igbo. And the Minister’s talk last week is missing its targets as more people and more group, including Igbo apex Organization, Ohaneze, understand the pitch as some undue ploy to molest the Igbo, Biafran agitators, and members of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB.

Buhari and his blind agents were at their worst in the Enugu last month when armed security agents descended on peaceful protesters, murdering countless Igbo people in cold blood. There was no questions. There was no consequences, and the governors and senators and representatives from South East said nothing.

Meanwhile, spate of killing, banditry and kidnapping has become uncontrollably ugly in almost every states in North. Boko Haram has taken over Maiduguri and most part of North East.

What is Isa’s ministry doing about that? He answered the press that he knew not the answer to the security challenges in North East. Yet, he is so sure that he has solution when where is involved is Igbo land!

Is this man an enemy of the Igbo race?

Jude Ogbonna

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