Oduma Report: Guards apprehend goat-thief in Amagu

Oduma Report: Guards apprehend goat-thief in Amagu

Amagu guards have apprehended a goat thief, one Chinonso Oyibo (Utaba seller) who is a native of Umuenem village in Oduma.

The incidence occurred last night around 11 P.M when the man, an Okada rider, delivered a passenger to Uhuagu Amagu. As he was going, according to report, he sighted a goat, untied and tied it on this bike.

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Guards on night duty stopped him, and upon interrogation he confessed to taking the goat with the intent of stealing.

Recall that Amagu witnessed spate of highly publicized damaging reports of stealing, adultery and incest since last four months.

In almost all the cases youths from the village are wrongly accused and shamefully treated in accordance with the extant laws of the community which give zero tolerance for public misconducts.

Amagu, generally misconstrued as a rogue community in the wider circles of Oduma, has put up resolve to clean its name and continue to stay ahead.

The capture of the Umuenem thief is the first public sign that the robust arrays of strategies to make Amagu great again are working.

However, it remains for Amagu Autonomous Community to replace the feminine administration of Hon. James Onyeabor, the sitting President General on 30th December general elections with sound leadership.

Amagu is planning of handing the thief to the police, according to anonymous source.

Jude Ogbonna

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