Impeach Buhari: Reps ask for our help

Impeach Buhari: Reps ask for our help

Vanguard just ran a news story, saying that PDP Caucus in the House of Representatives are beginning talk on the process to impeach president Buhari.

Almost every Nigerian citizen in the street is very hungry. Fuel price is high. The students are at home for months now because Buhari-led administration has refused to answer to the needed restructuring in our decaying academic system.

Fulani herdsmen, bandits and Boko Haram insurgents have defy government security outfits to continue shedding more blood daily across Nigeria.

Indeed, its so nice of our leaders in the House of Representative to want to challenge this insensitivity. But they need us, the people.

Democracy is such that the power belongs to the people. So, if we must practice real democracy in Nigeria, we all must rise to our own responsibilities now, and not to continue to sit idly on the sidelines to blame others.

You have people in the National Assembly. They’re the individuals who can speak your language to Buhari and make him listen to you.

If your local government is Awgu or Aninri or Oji-River, then join us to tell Hon. Toby Okechukwu to join his colleagues to tell Buhari that we want him resigned.

I’m very sure that Hon. Okechukwu won’t talk in the House. He is such a dull representative that no one can point to more than few occasions when he is speaking for us in the House.

Nevertheless, we want him to know that we’re not happy with Buhari. Its no time to come down home to boast of quality representation; if he loves us, he should be vocal now.

Jude Ogbonna

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