PG Emma Okoro is Messiah of our time in Amagu -Eyereye

PG Emma Okoro is Messiah of our time in Amagu -Eyereye

A lot has happened since Good Friday when Mr. Emmanuel Okoro, the Amagu President General, took oath of office alongside other members of the Executive Council.

The abandoned fencing of the native Kings High School, Oduma has got attention; functional Tax Force is already operative, and there is maximum security in Amagu.

For the first time since 4 years Amagu youths mobilize and become strong again. Today they come out in mass, enthusiastically working to raise the fence round “our dear school” in their own words.

No doubt, PG Mr. Emmanuel Okoro is the next great leader since the reign of late Stephen Onu.

He was swept in to power in the fairest election in the history of Amagu on 6th of March, trouncing all his contenders with unimaginable margins.

Basically it was the youths who elected Okoro and now that their support is needed to make his government great, they have been following willingly.

Every aspect of labour they give today at Kings High School the youths ask for no pay and more importantly, they labour with astonishing enthusiasm.

Jude Ogbonna

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