Happy birthday to the finest man in Oduma

Happy birthday to the finest man in Oduma

Mentor of men has today as his birthday, and he intends to do the usual wonders in celebrating it.

Its all about Emma-Gold.


In Facebook and in all offline media as well, fans and friends fan over to place their various comments of felicitations. Mr. Emmanuel Nworji is man of the people.

The able MD of Emma-Gold Worldwide Ltd, this young man spent over #50,000 in recharge cards to his followers on social media last year. He wants to do more today.

Emma-Gold takes after both of his parents. From his father he borrowed business acumen. But his adoring looks is from the mother, one of the prettiest woman there is.

All of us at Ikenga family are also wishing him the best. Emma-Gold shall be like tomorrow, and his going out and coming in shall be like stream of water. Happy birthday, great man!

Jude Ogbonna

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