I want to be a footballer when I grow – Solomon

I want to be a footballer when I grow – Solomon

Almost all local schools at Oduma are brimming with children with fantastic talents, and Kings High School is not an exception.

Njoku Solomon says he wants to be a professional footballer when he grows up. Considering his enthusiasm, his age and his skills you’d conclude that the boy is certainly the type who breaks world records in sports.

But Kings High School, like all schools in my town, lacks support. There are no enabling facilities and we have zero encouragement.

Solomon is a specimen of so many wonderful kids I’ve met this little time I’ve spent with our school children. He is good in football, in 100m × 4 (Relay) race and in long jump.

Sometimes I wonder how much longer its going to take our people to realize that a millionaire could be made from sports. Today, sports is a big business! And I earnestly pray that God bless my dear Solomon. God bless Oduma!

Jude Ogbonna

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