I’m sweet inside out – Jenny

I’m sweet inside out – Jenny

We ran a little contest at ALUTA-EXPRESS recently and over 21, 000 people voted Jenny to be the Oduma most famous girl on social media.

Frankly, I’ve not met Jenny in real life despite that we two are from same town. But I’ve had several conclusions about her.

Please don’t misunderstand me but I can say that Jenny would be so sweet a babe; full of fun and transmitting the same to all of us all over social media.

In her own preferred language, she is the chief executive of herself although she is certainly not desperate for a manager yet. Hope you catch me on this?

Well, don’t ask me to explain further please. Meet her on Facebook as Queen Jessy Jane; you could also meet her on the same platform at Laugh With Us, a group where she is the manager of many people’s happiness, including me.

Jenny is sweet and I love her.

Jude Ogbonna

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