Why I rape the 14-year old girl – Baba Ijesha

Why I rape the 14-year old girl – Baba Ijesha

The embattled Nollywood star Baba Ijesha is facing yet another hurdle after being released for defying a 14-year old girl.

Over 8,000 people have now signed petition against his release, insisting that he should go back to jail. Many are wondering like I’m doing why the police should set this man free.

The actor was caught in the very act of defying the little girl through CCTV, according to police report. And now he is released. Why? Just why is he being freed without prosecution? Obviously, because of his money and his clout.

This is just the problem with Nigerian institutions: they exist only to protect the rich.

But the masses should not give up! You don’t always successfully engage the government with arms, so let’s keep fighting together with one voice. Sign this petition! Share this message to others.!

Jude Ogbonna

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