We’ll be on guard every night – Oduma Security

We’ll be on guard every night – Oduma Security

The good people of Oduma are going to sleep this night with one eye wide open following the last night rumour that Fulani herdsmen invaded the community.

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Although the news was found to be fake sooner as it began, our people still refuse to let go of fear. But how can one be not afraid? The Fulani herdsmen are infamous for their brutality, and they seem to enjoy wonderful backing from powers on high.

They once attacked Awgu and Emene communities, towns which are almost stone-throw from Oduma. At that time, nothing came out of the people’s protests: not even a single person was arrested and the victims were not compensated by the government.

If these killer herders should attack us now – God forbid – government wouldn’t talk and we know it.

There is little our self-defense tactics could do in the face of these equipped Messengers of death. But we must be willing to defend our homeland.

We can’t give up. Oduma is our own, and we shall not run away from our dear land!

Jude Ogbonna

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