2 dies in Lagos as another building collapsed

2 dies in Lagos as another building collapsed

A building at Ikeja Lagos collapsed, killing one Ms. Peace Bulus, her mother Hauwa, and then breaking her sister’s arms.

It was gathered that the old building fell under a heavy rain at night when Mrs. Hauwa and her four children were sleeping.

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This is just another glaring evidence that most Lagos estate developers care very little about human life; all they ever want is money, how much more contracts in their portfolio.

The fallen building is at Mounted Troop Barracks in Ikeja. Anyone who’s been there can bear me witness that almost all the buildings at the barracks are old.

I know that people are advised this raining season to stay away from trees when its raining. But should we also stay away from our houses when its raining?

Our leaders ought to bend down a little and take a look at our suffering. Human life should be guaranteed in any truly free society.

Jude Ogbonna

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