Why Aso Rock was attacked

Why Aso Rock was attacked

The news that Aso Rock, the supposed most secured place in Nigeria, was robbed is not just an insult to us all. Its a sore insult on Nigerian people.

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It remains yet another items in the bag of proof that insecurity plague this nation the most in Buhari’s administration.

Up to this moment, that’s more than 10 hours after the incident, the motives of the robbers haven’t be established and there is no sign that they would eventually be arrested.

The enemies of the country in the clothes of APC will continue to defend this failed government, I know. They’ll tell you its nothing. They’ll try to downplay this fact and continue to keep us on false hope that all is well.

But the problem of Nigeria at this place in our history should be far more beyond the plays of politics. Nigeria is sinking and Buhari is the primary cause.

Its time all and sundry come out and unite against this evil government. Don’t say you’re from North. Don’t say you’re in APC. Don’t shift blames. Let’s take responsibility – let’s act now.

Jude Ogbonna

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