PDP crisis: Enugu West can be strong again

PDP crisis: Enugu West can be strong again

Two simple steps PDP can take in Enugu West to be ever formidable are these: fish out all disloyal members, then punish them.

After the Nkanu sponsored anti-Ekweremadu rally at Okpara Square last week it is a surprising thing how a lot of “staunch” PDP members are openly and boldly supporting that power return to Enugu East in 2023.

I heard them saying so in my own town. A lot of other people say they heard it, and you probably have overheard it too.

If you’re the type who is truly interested in the grassroots then you’ll understand the need for this great party to bind itself together ahead of 2023 power tussle.

We must not suffer defeat from other zones: our own must be elected governor in 2023.

This is not to say that I believe in politics of “do-or-die”. No. However, for all I care politics is a game for the smart. These people are not smarter than we are, and we must prove it!

We can go and meet these dissenting voices of internal opposition. We’re one family, yes, but we must live up to that.

Jude Ogbonna

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