Buhari’s message in Imo boring and trite – Group

Buhari’s message in Imo boring and trite – Group

President Buhari’s presence in Imo today bored the people of Imo; there was no tangible thing he had flown to the State to do, a group has said.

He drove through ghost town to the event as the IPOB Sit-at-home directive was strictly observed.

The president, however, found something to talk about in his trite speech.

“If there are no roads, if there is no security, what can people do? Definitely nothing,” Mr Buhari said in his brief address in Owerri, the state capital.

He gave a thumbs up to Governor Uzodinma on his administration’s effort to develop the state even though the governor was generally characterized as a failure.

The president commissioned a polytechnic, a road project and flood Control tunnel and a new executive chamber

“Seeing is believing”, the president said of the projects in the state.

“I accepted the invitation to come and see what the governor wanted me to see, and I have seen enough which certifies his integrity.

“I am very impressed with what he has done because I have gone through the same problem at the centre to make sure that infrastructure is what would enable the people to man their own businesses. I am very pleased with what I have seen,” Buhari said.

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